FrontpageMyFlow® Furniture – Embracing Versatility

MyFlow® Furniture – Embracing Versatility

Elevate your space to new heights with the unparalleled and personalized MyFlow® furniture collection.

A harmonious blend of premium design and functionality, this collection is built to cater to the diversity of your needs and to embrace versatility with a touch of luxury.

The MyFlow® collection is thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate into almost any environment, from public spaces to offices and even remote workstations. Its ultimate goal is to provide practical comfort and enhance productivity by fostering a sense of flow and coziness.

Discover the boundless possibilities of MyFlow® and see the difference it makes in your space today.







Collection of tools to empower designers

We understand the needs of architects and interior designers, which is why we have brought available all the necessary files (DWG, GDL, Revit) and provided the collection also available at pCon. A dedicated point of contact for design firms is provided as well.

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Configurable OFML data for MyFlow at pCon

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Elevating every detail and mastering the art of cohesion

With MyFlow, we set out to solve the challenges that every interior designer faces: how to easily create a cohesive yet uniquely functional space that exudes elegance and style.

The result is a harmonious ensemble that boasts a rounded Nordic design language, premium materials, and refined details that highlight both timelessness and functionality, all while elevating the ambiance of everyday life.

With its inviting and recognizable curves, the MyFlow® family exudes luxury and sophistication, making it the ideal choice for both public spaces and offices. Designed as a cohesive collection, it is effortless to expand and customize, making it the perfect addition to any workspace.

Crafted with care and commitment: Made by ISKU

The MyFlow® product line, with its wide range of offerings, is crafted with precision and passion by ISKU. With nearly a century of experience in creating high-quality, durable furniture tailored to the needs of our customers, ISKU ensures that each piece in the MyFlow® collection meets the highest standards of excellence and serves our customers to the best of its ability.

All of the products in this product line are made in accordance with sustainable development principles and carbon footprint product cards are available for each item.


The Designer of MyFlow® – Vertti Kivi

“My team and I were given the opportunity to design a completely new and independent collection for Isku, which was meant to fit almost any space. I promised to make it happen, but the task turned out to be very challenging.

The goal of the design work was to choose one design language that would work as versatile and Nordicly stylish as possible – and that would also boldly look into the future.

The whole concept was named MyFlow. It means good energy and one’s own space. A concept where successful work environment, high-quality materials, responsibility, and easy accessibility come together. Because there are multiple products, designers are also carefully taken into account.

Enjoyable and luxurious moments with MyFlow product family!”