MyFlow Chair Universal chair with wooden legs

Design Vertti Kivi

MyFlow Chair was born a classic. The design combines wood, carefully selected upholstery materials and metal in a unique way. The look of the product is light and soft-lined. The product is finished with a piece of spectacular jewellery that combines the seat with the backrest.

All MyFlow chairs are available with four leg options. The backrest can be overall upholstered or a combination of fabric and veneered plywood. MyFlow Chairs are upholstered with materials selected carefully to fit to the MyFlow look. Download the MyFlow catalogue here.

Width: 590 mm
Depth: 510 mm
Height: 750 mm
Seating height: 490 mm

Legs: Wood (natural birch, painted black and white, ISKU standard stain colours)

Seat: Upholstered with carefully selected fabrics/leather

Back rest: Fabric or fabric combined with veneered plywood

Jewelry: Metal (brass, copper, painted black or white)